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Bipolar Caffeine-Induced Mania – people consume caffeine to feel energized, awake, and alert. But when it comes to coffee and bipolar disorder, those who are diagnosed should be very careful. A person with bipolar is far more sensitive to any substance that mimics that of an amphetamine, and coffee is one of those substances.

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Aug 14, 2017 · Caffeine-created insomnia can help trigger or escalate a mania or hypomania, and can make bipolar patients more anxious and panicky. A 2009 Italian study by C. Baethge and several colleagues, “Coffee and cigarette use: association with suicidal acts in 352 Sardinian bipolar disorder patients,” examined the effects

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If this blows up into full mania, which caffeine plus an entire night of no sleep plus the ongoing erratic sleep of having a young child can definitely trigger, it could be weeks or months before I’m fully back to myself. I love coffee.


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