only if 倒置

I was able to make myself heard only by shouting. = Only by shouting was I able to make myself heard. If節内の省略+倒置. 仮定法のIf 節やshouldをふくむIf 節では、Ifを省略して分を. 疑問文の語順に変えます。 If he had consulted a better specialist = had he consulted a better specialist

only などの準否定語の場合も、文頭に出ると倒置が起きます。 準否定語:few, little, hardly, scarcely, barely, rarely. seldom, only (江川 p.166) 該当箇所: 「§379 強調のための倒置、(3) 否定語を文頭に置いて強調する場合、[注] only が文頭に出る倒置」 参考:

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